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The CP/M 80 pdfs above are also at www.bitsavers.org
and at Marcus and Agata's Website in the old tecnology section. That is also where the CP/M 86 Manual was in MSWORD format which I converted to pdf. The MS-DOS 4.10C manual is also from www.bitsavers.org.

Thanks to Jeff Hurlbert (Rubywand) for the Manx Aztec C Mini-manual for DOS 3.3. That was quite alot of typing.Thanks to Michael J. Mahon for correcting some ocr errors in this too, because it wan't only typing that created this.

Many thanks to Mike T. (BluPhoenyx) for providing the content for the Apple II ProDOS manuals and to Frank at Phade Software for providing them to Mike in their original manpage format.

Paul Santa-Maria provided the PDF Manuals for CG65 and C65. Dean Phares created the standalone SHELL manual from part of one of Paul's PDF's. Thanks to Dean and a special thanks to Paul who also provided the 1987 version of the CG65 compiler.

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Manuals Wanted

Unfortunately the original Aztec C Electronic Manuals (which were eventually in early Ventura Publisher format) became lost over time suffering the same tragic fate as the compiler source code. I too no longer have my paper manuals nor the time or resources to scan them to electronic format if I did.

If you have manuals in electronic format other than what is listed here, please forward them via email to me (Bill Buckels) and I will place them here.

In the meantime I am grateful for what we still have from those Olde Tymes.

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